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EdChange is dedicated to equity and social justice in schools, communities, organizations, and society. We act to shape schools, organizations, and communities in which all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, (dis)ability, language, or religion, have equitable opportunities to thrive and achieve free from discrimination. We are committed to transcending "celebrating diversity" models for social change and moving toward systemic reform. More...
Compiled for EdChange
by Paul C. Gorski

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JUSTICE: the People's News

JUSTICE: the People's News was created for activists, educators, organizers, and journalists committed to informing themselves about local and global goings-on pertaining to human rights, social justice, environmental justice, and activism for securing human rights and social justice.

Founded as Social Justice News by Paul C. Gorski in 2005 as a free email newsletter compiling news stories about human rights and social justice from around the world, JUSTICE: the People's News moved to the Web in May 2007. It is now available through the JUSTICE: the People's News Web site or through email. In either case, it remains 100% free.

Stories listed in each edition of JUSTICE: the People's News are compiled from thousands of publications based all over the world. These publications are vetted electronically using searchwords such as "imperialism," "racism," "sexism," "homophobia," "classism," "xenophobia," "environmental justice," and so on. From time to time new search terms are added in order to identify articles on hot topics of the day, such as "global warming."

One limitation of JUSTICE: the People's News is that, as of now, only English-language news items and stories are included. As EdChange seeks funding to help support this and other free services, we hope to expand in order to include stories in additional languages.

If you'd like more information on JUSTICE: the People's News, feel free to contact Paul C. Gorski and EdChange at this address.

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